A Három Holló Kávéházban finom kávéval, italokkal, ételekkel és nagyszerű kulturális, irodalmi és zenei programokkal várunk. Családias hangulat, jó szórakozás három szinten.

Piarista alley 1. (entrance at Szabadsajtó street)


Café Visegrad

The project Café Visegrad is being initiated by cafés in Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow and Prague, which, situated in their respective historical centers, are surrounded with crowds of tourists: nonetheless they fill an important need, supplying primarily local citizens and creating public spaces in the historic city center for local people.  In addition to coffee, international newspapers and stylish interiors, they offer a wide range of cultural programs, reflect upon actual tendencies in society, and accelerate (or calm down) change in the life of cities. In our project, we would like to reflect upon the common heritage and current tendencies of coffeehouse culture in the Visegrad region. Coffeehouses were, at the beginning of the 20th century in Central Europe, a home for intellectual circles and often provided the necessary background for the emergence of new literary trends.  Based on this heritage and the actual mission of the participating cafés, we would like to create a platform for exchange reflecting the common history and actual topics of society in the V4 region, with help of literary works. As a part of our cooperation, we will initialize a common project entitled “Literary Lounge Café Visegrad,” a series of literary readings and discussions in each of the partner institutions with authors from the Visegrad countries.

Our project partners

Kafe Scherz, Bratislava (SK)


Café Neustadt, Prague (CZ)


Massolit Books and Café, Krakow (PL)


Massolit Books and Café, Budapest (HU)


Samizdat Bookstore and Cafe, Brno (CZ)